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TP-LINK is a global provider of WiFi networking products, available in over 100 countries with tens of millions of customers. It provides best wifi routers for home use and office use in India.

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TP-LINK’s professional AP and Wireless products are dedicated to provide business level Wi-Fi solutions, such as WISP CPE and long distance wireless network based support. TP-LINKs professional router family, including the Safestream VPN and Load Balance Broadband range, possess excellent data processing capabilities and multiple levels of features and functionality.

Providing sustained internet connection through the use of 3G/4G LTE mobile technology, TP-LINK’s Mobile Wi-Fi products, including MiFi and 3G USB Adapters, allow you to enjoy fast trouble free internet both at home and on the move!

The world is speeding up. ISPs are offering faster connections, and ultra speed internet is just a broadband modem away. TP-LINK’s family of DSL Modems and Routers offer incredible stability at super fast speeds. Chuck in high speed Wi-Fi, on certain models, and you’ve got yourself an internet evolution

What People say about TP-LINK WiFi Routers:

1. Great product - value for money
I have been using this product for quite some time, and satisfied with the performance. Though I am not a person, who remains hooked to internet all through out the day however in terms of connectivity and signal strength - absolutely no issues; though you need to have a good internet connection at the same time. 
The user manual is quite explanatory, and any layman can set this up on his own. The clean white look and twin antenna adds to overall look.

Utpalendu Das, 13 May 2016

2. Excellent
Using for last 8 to 9 months. Working excellent. I am living at 3rd floor and I get signal at Ground floor as well. Go for it. Don't buy anything less than it's price. Because, you need to pay a little more when you are expecting a good performance. Worth for money.

Deepak Kumar, 30 Jan 2016

3. Osm product
Seriously I used alot of product but this product seriously a worth of money a gr8 wifi extender or 3g dongle extender amazing range good work guyes

Vaibhav Garg,13 Nov 2015

4. Perfect product for easy usage
I have been using this product for one week now and i am very much satisfied in every way. Installation or configuration of product for MTS datacard has been very easy and a matter of 10min. since then it has been running continuously and was not powered off even once. All my devices Laptop, Phone, tablet and desktop are running perfectly.

For test purpose i kept my device in another room and closed both the doors but still it gave a test result similar to direct dongle connection. Flipkart delivery took 5days which was unusual but they already mentioned it during order confirmation.

Yalamanchili Rama Mahindra, 22 Apr 2015

5. Great Product
After nearly 10 months usage I am reviewing this product.... There has been no hiccups at all.... I had to just upgrade the firmware only once... I have used this with Tata Photon, Airtel 4G and Reliance.... Still it is working like a charm. Very good price range and able to throughput for my entire house of 1500 SFT.

Prem Anand, 23 Sep 2015