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Reliance Life Sciences is a diverse and integrated biotechnology initiative of the Reliance Group of stem cell banking companies, one of the largest private cord blood banks in India.

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Reliance Life Sciences has established South Asia's first Cord Blood Repository offering both public and family banking services. The Cord Blood Repository stores stem cells enriched cord blood, which is used for transplantation. Stem cells enriched cord blood is offered to patients who suffer from blood related disorders and need transplantation. There are three programs operating under this service

Why Reliance Life Science?

  • ReliCord - Superior (cord blood + cord tissue banking)
  • ReliCord - Superior/ ST (cord blood + cord tissue banking)
  • ReliCord - M50 (cord blood + 50 million cord tissue stem cells + cord tissue banking)
  • ReliCord - A (public banking program meant for patients requiring transplants with grafts from the repository)