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Umbilical cord stem cell banking in India - LifeCell occurs routinely across the country at 5000 hospitals through 10,000 gynecologists. Lifecell is one of the best stem cell preservation in India.

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LifeCell is the only company in the country to have investments in cell R&D and point-of-care cellular therapy for vascular and orthopedic specialities. This, combined with LifeCell’s commitment to quality, ensures that our clients do not have to look beyond us for their varying healthcare needs. Starting out as a standalone private stem cell bank, today LifeCell stands tall as a comprehensive healthcare services provider.

LifeCell began operations in 2004, over 1,50,000 clients have entrusted their children’s precious stem cells to us. While more and more women choose LifeCell to preserve their monthly miracle, the reason is that only LifeCell offers a combination of expertise, infrastructure and credibility. This unique mix has made it India’s largest private stem cell bank and stem cell solution provider.

Why LifeCell?

  • Comprehensive stem cell technology player: LifeCell is the only company in the country to have investments in cell R&D and point-of-care cellular therapy for vascular and orthopaedic specialities.
  • Menstrual Blood Stem Cell Banking: LifeCell is the only company to provide menstrual blood stem cell banking service, giving women the access to life saving stem cells from their own menstrual blood.
  • Mother & Baby Healthcare: While stem cell banking serves as a proactive healthcare solution for babies, LifeCell also offers a range of diagnostic & preventive healthcare solutions for expectant mothers and children.
  • Newborn Screening: The newborn screening service is provided by an advanced NABL accredited laboratory.

Pricing of LifeCell:

Annual Storage Plan

  • Maternal Blood Test Charges - Rs. 2.000/-
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Processing Fee - Rs. 4,990/-
  • Umbilical Cord Tissue Processing Fee - Rs. 3.000/-
  • Grand Total - Rs. 9,990*/-

What People say about LifeCell:

1. Coimbatore Girl Wins Over Thalassemia With The Help Of Her Brother’s Stem Cells

Thamirabarani, an 8-year-old girl from Coimbatore was found to be suffering from Thalassemia, a blood disorder. The cure for her came in the form of her younger brother Pugazhendi. When the younger sibling was born, his cord blood was collected and preserved at LifeCell and used for the treatment of Thamirabarani. She is now completely cured of Thalassemia and has embraced childhood in all its glory. She wants to grow up and become a teacher!


2. A New Lease On Life Through The Power of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

Vigneswaran was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was in Class XI. As the disease was in advanced stage, he could not use his own adult stem cells. He approached the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore and was treated using donor umbilical cord stem cells from Australia. Two years later, he was declared cancer free. Vigneswaran was born on February 28, however has started celebrating his birthday on January 18, the day when he underwent the therapy.


3. Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Help Nitya To Win Over Thalassemia

Nitya, the vivacious daughter of a stationer from Ghaziabad was found to be suffering from Thalassemia. Thanks to their well-wishers, the family discovered the power of stem cells. Nitya was gifted another lease of life through her younger brother. The sibling’s umbilical cord stem cells were preserved at LifeCell and used for the treatment of Nitya’s condition. Nitya is now living a Thalassemia-free life and is a bright student at school!