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Cryo-Save introduced automated processing of cord blood and preservation of cord tissue to the Indian stem preservation industry. The cost of this stem cell banking is very ecomonical. It claims to have over 2.5 Lakh families across 70 countries for umbilical cord banking, baby stem cell and cord blood banking. 

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Cryo-Save India shares with leading Indian therapists a belief that adult stem cells will contribute substantially, in the near future, to the treatment practices of a growing number of diseases and will increase, in the long term, general health expectations. Cryo-Save is a licensed Organ & Tissue Establishment as by the Dutch Ministry of Health’s Farmatec, carries a Tissue Bank Accreditation from the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare & Sports and holds a Certificate of Product liability. Cryo-Save’s labs are accredited by FAMHP & AABB

Why CryoSave?

  • Fastest Safest Healthiest cord blood processing
  • Complete Cord Preservation
  • DCGI licensed secure & accredited lab
  • Cryo-Save Care Package
  • R&D
  • Cryo-Save Experience

Pricing of CryoSave:

  • Initial service fee (in INR) - 5000
  • Balance service fee (in INR) - 70,000
  • Total Price (in INR) - 75,000

What People say about CryoSave:

1. Pradeep Kalale Sudarshan

I have opted to store my kid's stem cell @ Cryo-Save and they are very professional from day one. I am happy with their service and would recommend folks to 'invest' the money into Stem cell banking with Cryo-Save

2. Abhi Singh

I usually don't write reviews, but this is exception and close to me and my wife. We got baby two weeks back, we had signed up a month ago. They have been responsive at every-step, we got report and storage confirmation today. I am happy we made right choice. I recommend them.

3. Nayanjit Konwar

Please be here only...... Be Happy and always be Happy...