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Moser Baer Solar Limited provides complete end to end solar energy solutions in the field of solar power generation for various types of solar panel system requirements. It is manufacturing solar products for photovoltaic systems.

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Moser Baer Solar Limited (MBSL) and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd (MBPV) are subsidiaries of MBIL involved in Solar business globally including India. Through both these companies Moser Baer serves customers across the solar value chain through world-class products and services. Moser Baer multi-crystalline solar cells are manufactured from highly purified polysilicon in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that permits use of thin silicon wafers. The wafers are handled through non-contact Bernoulli grippers and moved horizontally on conveyor belts and rollers through various process steps resulting in stress-free cell.

Cell Features And Benefits:

  • Manufactured from high quality multicrystalline silicon wafers
  • Uniform surface morphology through isotropic texturization
  • Emitter deposition in a metal-free roller furnace
  • Uniform blue anti-reflection coating to enhance wide spectral response
  • Metallization through highly automated printing line with world-class vision system ensuring best print quality through auto-paste dispenser
  • Edge isolation by laser ablation technique
  • 100% sorting for both visual and electrical parameters using class A sorter

Why Moser Baer Solar?

An Indian Multinational Company with more than 25 years of experience in delivering high technology products and services, over 7,000 employees. 

  • With 1 out of every 5 DVDs sold in the world coming from Moser Baer, chances are that YOU have already used a Moser Baer product
  • Fully automated cell and module manufacturing facilities with equipment and inspection tools from world’s top equipment manufacturers
  • In-house reliability testing capability for solar modules to ensure high quality standards
  • Moser Baer's products meet international standards including
  • UL, IEC, ETL, CE, JET, MCS, CEC, FSEC, JIS, DGS&D registration
  • Moser Baer's solar panels carry a warranty of 25 years, while some of our optical media products have a life span of 50-200 years
  • Cutting-edge R&D initiatives to ensure rapid cost reduction and high efficiencies with a portfolio of multiple patents in US and India