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ICOMM Tele Limited is one of largest solar companies in India for product designing, engineering development and turnkey solutions for telecom, Defense, Solar, Power and Infrastructure Sectors.

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Solar Solutions & Products:

1. Solar Water Heating Systems:

ICOMM manufactures world class technically advanced solar water heating systems to suit all weather conditions. These systems are suitable for both hard and saline water applications and are optimal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications such as hotels, hospitals, dairies, hostels, nursing homes, feed water for boilers, process industries and others.

2. Solar Water Pumping Systems:

ICOMM solar water pumping system is a reliable system to pump water from shallow open wells, sumps, streams and rivers. The Solar Pumping system is a direct application of DC power and does not have any electronics or power inversion devices. It is a simple, reliable and maintenance free system. The Solar water pumping system is used in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, drinking water and such other needs.

3. Solar Fencing System:

Power fencing systems are optimized based on a wide array of customer applications A sharp shock, within safe limits, will prevent the entry of intruders and trespassers Fence can be utilized to safely prevent the access of humans as well as animals Solar Fencing is a cost effective solution for security needs with virtually no maintenance

ICOMM Solar Unit offers:

  • Portable lighting systems (LED/CFL Lantern)
  • Educational Kits (with pocket radio, etc)
  • Indoor Lighting and Home Lighting Systems
  • LED Street Lighting System
  • Standalone Power plants (ranging in KW)
  • Grid Interactive Power plants (ranging from KW to MW)
  • Backup power for Telecom Applications (ranging from very low power to high power applications)
  • Solar, Micro Wind, Diesel/Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generating Systems
  • Desalination/Water Purification Systems
  • Reliable power for Eco Tourism and Boating Applications