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FusionRetail increases profitability in your retail business with barcodes & touch screen entry for fast & accurate billing. Includes complete financial and inventory management.

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FusionRetail helps you, identify product lines and categories that is killing your profits, get better prices from your suppliers, increase your average size of sale, understand your customer’s sales potential, keep the correct merchandise in stock every time, continue branding your retail business at the point-of-sale make your retail businesses successful at pleasing customers, let your sales revenue pay for incoming merchandise, earn good return on investments (ROI), focus on expansion


FusionRetail brings success to your retail business in following ways

  • Increase in SALES by 20-30%
  • Reduced INVENTORY holding cost
  • Devoted STAFF with high efficiency
  • Increased SPACE productivity
  • Maximized MARGIN with lower investment
  • Loyal CUSTOMERS bring repeat business
  • Reduce EXPENSES by 20-40%
  • Happy SUPPLIERS offering extended credit