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Asset Telematics GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a special and supports of all major GPS tracking devices. It's GPS tracking services tracks your transportation vehicles and guarantees the the safety of employees and drivers associated with the vehicles.

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Asset Telematics has number of products to ease the tracking and management of assets, vehicles, mobiles and personal. The products cut across various domains such as Logistics, Transportation, Schools, BPO, Police Assets, Heavy Equipment, Mobile Phones, Personal, etc.

System facilitates:

  1. Real time tracking of customer's vehicles
  2. Vehicle current location maps with detailed information
  3. Vehicle travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed
  4. All vehicles current location map with location and speed information
  5. Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet
  6. Comprehensive Route Analytics
  7. Vehicle Fuel calibration and Fuel consumption reports
  8. Reports on vehicle temperature, vehicle AC checking, vehicle ignition on and off,
  9. Geo-fence and location based notifications (alerts) such as arrival information, station entry, station exit etc by Phone, SMS or Email
  10. Daily Trips Report
  11. Daily Speeding Report
  12. Distance Travelled in Kilometers Report
  13. Stops with duration Report
  14. Restricted Driving Hours Report.