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KnowIT CRM is a online CRM software for enterprise and small business. It as a standalone CRM solution and can also easily be integrated with your ERP software. It also aids in tracking the lost leads and opportunities along with tracing on the reasons for their non conversions. 

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It provide a variety of services for it clients right from a complete ERP software solutions for steel manufacturing industries. it CRM is architected in such a manner that it can handle almost all the information that is required to enhance your overall business operations.


  1. Aids in effective Process of Sales
  2. Enables efficient and timely Scheduling of Orders
  3. Provides perfect podium to Boost new business
  4. Facilitates Real Time Entries in a Channel Sales Scenario
  5. Provides a single comprehensive view of the target market
  6. Reduces inefficiency and enhances the productivity of the work force and the organization on the whole
  7. Aids in tracking and enabling better control on sales executive as well as on customers
  8. In a Channel Sales scenario, Knowit CRM enables the top level management to get a bird's eye view of the daily sales visits of all the sales executives on online maps
  9. Provides better marketing insights to the sales department and aid them to chalk out competitive sales strategies
  10. The managers can get improved visibility of all the operations; this aids them in chalking out future plans and actions accordingly
  11. Knowit CRM is the Powerful Analytics for Senior and Top Management -thus aiding them in making vital decisions