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The portable USBSwiper is credit card machine that is perfect for any small and medium businesses. It can use to manual mobile wireless such as iPhones, Smartphones, laptop and Desktop computers. It's simple and easy to use "Swipe Card" credit card transactions using our desktop or laptop and automated email receipts sent to the customer.

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Why Choose USBSwiper?

This is what makes the team at USBSwiper.com and MobileSwiper.com different, we wanted to create a credit card processing company that gave you more options, less rhetoric and up front pricing information. We didn’t want to be the company that just was out to make as many sales as we could.  We wanted to provide you with real value and a service unlike any other available on the market. We wanted to build a service that not only says we pride ourselves on customer service but also deliver on it.

USBSwiper.com and MobileSwiper.com offer you some of the best rates and programs available anywhere. We don’t just force you into one hole and try and make you fit, we give you a choice of any of the types of programs available today.  So if a Tiered merchant account plan is better for your business, we offer that.  Perhaps the Flat Rate option makes more sense for your business… we offer that too!  No matter which plan is best for your business, we have the relationships with the best merchant account providers with the best plans available,

Our solution and the Credit Card Machine that you will use for taking and processing credit cards will be the equipment you already own… your laptop or desktop computer. Also, because our credit card terminal system is PC based, you are afforded the utmost in flexibility to upload your inventory and other important transaction details into our unique software interface – something a regular credit card machine cannot do!