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One of the most popular Paypal Service is Card Swiping Machine. It is used to very faster, safety way to send money and make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. You can simply punch in a transaction amount and swipe away, or you can keep meticulous records by creating an item library.

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Why Choose Paypal?

  • Faster payments
    • With the card reader, customers can tap and go for payments up to $100 without a PIN. Add your staff to your PayPal account (each with their own access level) to take multiple payments at once so there’s never a queue.
  • Trusted and secure
    • With more than 6 million Australian buyers, PayPal is a more trusted way to get paid. Your payments are protected with the highest standards of Chip and PIN technology and our world-class fraud management systems.
  • Business tracking
    • Generate custom reports in a few taps on your mobile. Summarise your sales by day, sales person, item purchased or payment type, then email the reports to yourself, download them as CSV files, or print them straight out.
  • Simple set up
    • All you need is the free PayPal Here app to start taking payments on the go. Pair the card reader with your mobile to enjoy a lower transaction rate and faster, contactless transactions. Payments appear in your PayPal account in moments.

PayPal features include

  • Accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards in person for the same low rate
  • Take tap and go, chip and PIN, magnetic swipe or manual entry payments
  • SMS or email receipts to customers
  • Issue invoices and record cash payments
  • Enter one-off payment amounts or keep an inventory in the app
  • Sync transactions automatically to your accounting software
  • Compatible with your favourite point of sale (POS) solution
  • Use the same PayPal account for your online sales
  • Compatible with iOS and most Android devices
  • No lock-in contracts