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Mswipe Card is very used to mostly everytime and everywhere from credit cards used to make purchases to the swipe cards. Although each specific use of a swipe card may use a different system to verify and log data.

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Why Choose Mswipe Card?

  • If you are a Mswipe merchant you do not need to open a new account with any specific bank. Mswipe's partner bank will transfer funds into your preferred account with any bank in India via NEFT.

  • Mswipe's servers provide automatic batch closure every 24 hours and hence you don't have to spend time for this activity. You will get payments the next working day for all approved transactions. (Bank holidays are not counted as working days).

  • Mswipe's merchants can access their accounts via a mobile application or online via Mswipe's website wherein all details of card transactions using Mswipe’s mobile POS solution can be accessed.

  • Mswipe's solution works via wireless mobile connectivity (2G/3G/WiFi). As a Mswipe merchant, you can avail of true mobile-based card acceptance all over India.All charge-slips are stored digitally and hence as a Mswipe merchant you do not have to store charge-slips. All charge-slips can be accessed online via Mswipe's secure web servers.

  • For every card transaction processed on Mswipe's mobile POS, the cardholder gets an SMS confirmation of the transaction along with a link to view / download the charge-slip. Eco-friendly and very convenient for your customers.