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Charge.com is most popular of swipe card machine for Merchants. It is used to retail, restaurant, bar, PC, pizza point of sale software. Charge.com is an experience easily internet set-up for all POS systems using your broadband connection, and connect wirelessly.

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Why Choose Pocket HCM ?

  • No Application Fee
    • ?We waive your bank application fee, so applying costs you nothing; other companies charge $250 or more, just to look at your application. What’s more, our approval rate is one of the highest in the industry. With us, you can be sure that your business will be accepting credit cards in practically no time.
  • Free Software
    • This service allows you to accept checks from your customers over the phone, by fax, or through the Internet via email or the World Wide Web. We have the ideal services and credit card machine for your business. Other companies charge up to $300.00 or more to set up this service. We set up the service for you absolutely free, just for applying.
  • Affordable Prices
    • For the guaranteed lowest price1 available, you can get your own user friendly credit card processing system. Charge.com offers three different options for processing credit cards. You can choose Real-Time processing with a Virtual Terminal, computer ecommerce software for either PC or Macintosh, or an electronic keypad terminal.

What people say about Shainex Relocation:

1. Michael Berkowitz

I was hesitant to accept credit card because I thought it would cause a lot. Some companies were charging more than $300 for the processing software. When I found out that Charge.com offers free credit card payment processing software, I jumped on it. Now, my sales are up over 400% as compared to last month. You guys are awesome!

2. John Long

After having tried the others, I’m quickly finding out that Charge.com really is the ***BEST*** credit card processing system there is. I’d like to come back

3. Dick Szymanski

Our Clients are businesses and so we weren’t sure we needed to offer charge cards. Finding Charge.com so easy to use and fair priced made the decision to try it worthwhile. From the very first day of offering credit card payments our customers loved it, so much so that our prediction of 20% of monthly sales by credit card has become 80%. We get our payment up to 60 days earlier then we used to and this has totally eliminated stressed over cash flow & non-payment.