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Bijlipay is a stylish mobile computer that is provides data collection and to increase improve customer service. It has offers to digital receipts and signature capture, does not hassle of storing paper receipts and real time report of all transactions on your phone.

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Why Bijlipay?

Bijlipay, unlike other players in the market, offers an end to end payment solution. Bijlipay has the capability to:

  • Sell/ distribute payment solutions (POS/ PG etc) with our strong in-house sales force
  • Manage end to end customer service from installation to training to after sales support
  • Provide in house switch service, with best in class transaction success rates
  • Manage end to end payment operations, in terms of risk profiling & merchant settlements
  • One stop solution for all payment needs – mPOS/ GPRS POS/ Mini ATM/ SDK integration
  • Build custom payment solutions (mobile & desktop APPs) based on client needs