Top 10 POS (Point Of Sale) Software To Streamline Your Business

The concept of Point of Sale is that it specifies the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At POS, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer and indicates the amount by preparing an invoice for the customer, and presents the customer with options for payment. After the payment is completed, the merchant may give out a printed receipt of the transaction.

With the advancement in technology, several POS software have made their way into businesses rapidly. A POS software can sometimes take the form of a computer, cash register or even an iPad where cashier can input your products, tally the cost, and complete the transaction. A POS system can turn your business around as it provides an all-in-one solution to a multitude of issues: Failing to match tallies in inventories, sales that are going unrecorded, human errors, etc. All of these can be solved with a POS system that can accurately collect and record data.

1) Marg POS Software

Point of Sale Software by MARG Solutions are specifically designed to address the challenges faced by small and large multi-store retailers. It provides fully user-configurable invoice and taxation reports, MIS report utilities and a comprehensive accounting and inventory management. Marg POS software is the only Accounting & Inventory Software that can give you 100% control over your business. Due to its ease, flexibility and self-customization, it has been a huge success.

Marg POSWith MARG POS, maintaining transactions & inventories is easy. It makes the process easy with the help of cash registers. One of the best features that it offers is business reporting. One can compare their current sales from the previous financial data. They provide online as well as onsite support with the help of 500+ support centers across the globe.


HDPOS offers POS that can integrate all the features that you require for your business. They offer a free trial for 30 days. HDPOS is one of the smartest POS software designed to automate retail billing. It is the best when it comes to handling inventory and financial accounting.

HDPOSHDPOS Smart can help you customize invoice as per business, manage all the records, apply access control to ensure that only authorized personnel have complete access to the utility and much more.  It is just the right POS software to manage your business in a hassle free manner. HDPOS focusses on understanding business models and customizing solutions to suit business’ exact needs. HDPOS has helped transform many businesses.

3) POSist

POSist is one of the leading cloud based Point of Sale solutions software. They provide “Training Free” and “Easy to Use” solutions and have successfully registered a PAN-India presence, with almost 2000+ customers in over 62 cities and 5 countries. POSist covers all the requirements of restaurants by customizing niche Point of Sale solutions for all kinds of restaurants and food outlets.

posistThey feature restaurant POS, Cafe POS, Pizza, Bakery, Sweet Shop POS and so on. Their POS offers convenient table billing features that enables customers to place orders from a tablet. This makes ordering easy for customers and it allows restaurant owners to optimize billing operations. The entire POS system in POSist is highly integrated to streamline multiple operations through a convenient billing process.

4) GoFrugal

GoFrugal is the one of the best and complete digital solution providers for retail, restaurant and distribution businesses. With over 12+ years experience into the business, they have acquired more than 45,000 customers across 35 countries. They have the largest Product Portfolio alongwith – Desktop, Cloud POS, Billing apps and Hybrid POS. They offer all of their products on free trial.

gofrugalGoFrugal provides POS software solutions for single as well as multi store businesses. Its point of sale system supports more than 25 types of businesses such as retail supermarkets, restaurants, apparel, pharmacies et al. From billing to balance sheet, accounting and CRM, end to end solutions are catered ranging from store automation to omni-channel retailing.

5) ePaisa

ePaisa POS software enables small and medium businesses to run them more efficiently with the same tools as the big businesses. This increases profitability and efficiency of the SME’s. ePaisa offers tools to begin, run and improve your business. As a retailer, you can do more than just process sales – it has billing, inventory management, reporting – all of this in one single package.

epaisaIt makes inventory easy, can make sales anywhere customizable and versatile. ePaisa can help you simplify your billing process so that you are paid on time. Item Modifiers help you to easily add and adjust item quantities or apply discounts at the POS. If you happen to be in a no signal area, ePaisa records transactions even then and automatically syncs when the connection comes back again.

6) Torqus

Torqus Point of Sale software takes care of all business front-end activities. It not only helps in streamlining the billing, but also evaluates and analyzes every branch by generating reports. In order to renew the managing process involved in running restaurant chains, the team at Torqus have relentlessly endeavoured and used its knowledge and expertise to come up with the best solutions. It features an easy UI/UX, has customer profiling, role based access control and customization with ready made configurations.

torqus POSTorqus POS integrates one of the most advanced security technologies with innovative programming to provide smart user access. In addition, Torqus also lets you control the access to reports and other important account settings. Thus, it alleviates problems related to theft, information leakage, technological mishaps and miscommunication, privacy violation etal. Torqus lets you concentrate purely on expanding your business and also streamline the front-end activities of your outlets.

7) EasyPOS

EasyPOS is a free online POS software. This software is trusted by thousands of stores worldwide. EasyPOS is the most simplified POS and needs no special training for use by your employees. It helps your retail business gain the edge of ecommerce. It helps you create an online store and also manage it remotely and easily. It is also the most versatile companion for your business as it is based on cloud system and works on platforms like Mac, PC or other Android apps.

easyposEasyPOS helps you give the best purchase experience to your customers. It lets the customers shop according to their wish through features like email receipts, split payments and easy returns/refunds. Slow internet should never slow down your business. Hence, EasyPOS lets you work offline without the internet and once you’re reconnected, it automatically syncs all the sales data.

8) FusionRetail

FusionRetail is bound to increase profitability in your retail business with the help of barcodes and touch screens for accurate billing. It helps you identify product lines, get better prices from suppliers, increase average size of sale, understand customer sales potential, continue branding your retail business at the POS and make your retail businesses successful at pleasing customers. It helps you in business expansion and have great ROI.

fusionretailIts user interface helps you easily train new people and improve customer experience. FusionRetail is a platform where you save your business from the complexity of maintaining a software, back office and web store. It has regular and active enhancement-based feedback from successful retailers and smart consultants. FusionRetail is supported by a dedicated team of experts. It makes it easy to implement the best retail practices and process.

9) Ginesys

GINESYS is a leading provider of POS solutions for the retail value chain. It has easy to use point of sales software solution for chains in fashion, FMCG and many other verticals. Its main aim is to achieve global leadership in Retail Value Chain Software by keeping its customers happy and maintaining a relationship-driven culture and fairness in dealing with stakeholders.

ginesysGinesys automatically updates the sale and stock of POS onto the retail ERP that runs at the head office. The retail boom is fuelled with new business model of franchising wherein numerous entrepreneurs take up a part of the risk of inventory. Ginesys transparently supports this in the POS. Promotions, pricing, security and many other aspects can be centrally controlled with Ginesys POS.

10) eLitePOS

eLitePOS is a complete touch based POS System for hospitality industries such as restaurants, fast-food, and bars. It can handle front and back-office, recipe and inventory management, home delivery management and much more. It comes with a wide range of functions that enable you to enhance the efficiency of your staff. eLitePOS delivers tailor made solutions for a wide variety of verticals. Their POS software streamlines your business and enables your staff to focus on the most important part of your business.

eliteposeLitePOS supports multiple configurable table layouts, multi payment modes, credit and meal coupons, recipe and inventory management functions alongwith day closing procedure. It also features multi report generation that lets the user to keep a track of all transactions. Make sure that you purchase from a reputable dealer with the right balance of cost, use, portability, features and customer support.

The Bottom Line

A POS software basically provides better automation and greater business standards in the retail industry. The unique features and extensive digitization of the business possible through its implementation helps in better streamlining of operations. Improved sales, better accountancy solutions and resultant business standards will definitely prove to be very beneficial for your business!

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