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Leading biometric attendance machine manufacturer in India which provides biometric access control systems with security products, biometric fingerprint scanner & multi-biometrics identification. It is biometric system distributor, consultant & supplier.

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RAVIRAJ Technologies Provide biometrics identifications Products and solutions India for Commercial and industrial Time Attendance Access control Applications. Manufacturer and exporter of fingerprint access control and time attendance control systems Biometrics fingerprint products for PC security, authentication India screening safe passport time clock analysis HR Payroll, immigration patterns communications Active RFID inventory management software healthcare library Tracking Asset Management Solutions Institute management system India. We offers customized solutions to allow integration of our biometrics security software with your existing IT environment ... more.

Biometric devices and biometrics software products include Fingerprint Time and Attendance, Fingerprint Access Control systems, USB Fingerprint Scanners, Embedded Fingerprint reader Modules, Fingerprint SDK (API), Biometrics Computer Logon, Mobile Fingerprint Scanner, Palm Vain Time Attendance Systems, Iris Access Control system, Web Based ID, Signature Verification, Voice Authentication Systems. Security Systems Tripod Turnstile Automatic Barrier gate System.

Feature of RAVIRAJ Biometric System:

  • Contactless palm vein authentication is fast, hygienic and non-invasive
  • No biometric footprint or residual trace left behind after authentication
  • Advanced biometric authentication algorithm produces a high level of accuracy with low FAR (false accept rate) and FRR (false reject rate)
  • Fast and easy enrollment for all users with virtually no registration failure
  • Robust biometric controller can be mounted remotely in secure area
  • Encrypted template repository
  • Compact design with flexible integration for easy installation into existing access control systems via Wiegand or IP interfaces

Pricing of RAVIRAJ Biometric System:

  • Palm Vain Time Attendance Systems - USD $1900.00
  • Palm Vain Access Control Systems - USD $2500.00