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Get2world Systems provides powerful time attendance product, time attendance machines, fingerprint control systems in India. It offers high quality product into Indian market and customizing it according to Indian needs.

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This Biometric Attendance System can use to anywhere attendance is required like in any offices, schools, any small businesses, shops, medical institutions, NGOs, outdoor construction sites etc. Biometric & RFID card based Time Attendance and access control System will take care of the entire attendance of your employee which will help you manage the complete attendance of your employee. With our system you do not need to do any paper work. Everything can be achieved with just few mouse clicks.

Pricing of Get2world - Biometric Attendance:

  • PROXIMITY CARD BASIC - Rs.9500/- Upto 500 employees
  • PROXIMITY CARD PRO - Rs.11500/- More than 500 employees
  • BIOMETRIC BASIC - Rs.11500/- Upto 500 employees
  • BIOMETRIC PRO - Rs.14500/- More than 500 employees

Technical Specification:

  • Modern capacitive finger print sensor
  • 3000 finger print capacity
  • Record capacity - 1 Lakhs
  • Modern touch screen colour display
  • Ethernet and Wifi connection for in-house internet
  • USB internet dongle for mobile internet
  • 5V Micro USB power supply
  • Device dimension : 19cm x 5cm x 3.5cm
  • Input current : 400mA-600mA
  • Input voltage : 5 Volt
  • Operating range: from -30°c to 40°c
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Housing standard - IP 21