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World’s leading manufacturing company in biometric access control system & products. They are experienced distributor of the best biometric attendance system, biometric machine for attendance & other biometric devices distributor in India.

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A-ID Systems is the pioneer in providing solutions to all ID personalization and electronic security needs with its extensive range of products and solutions includes Fingerprint Modules, Biometric Access Control Systems, Visitor Management, Canteen Management, Smart Card Application and Hand Held Readers with a flexibility to integrate with third party applications. Auto Id is the platinum premier partners of world renowned brand ZEBRA & an exclusive distributor of SUPREMA, former being the world’s leading manufacturing company in desktop card printers and latter in biometric access control products.

A-ID Biometric Products:

  • BioStaion L2
  • BioEntry W2
  • BioStation A2
  • BioStation 2
  • BioStation
  • Xpass Slim 2
  • FaceStation
  • BioLIte Net
  • BioMini


  • CPU : Dual CPU (32bit RISC + 400MHz DSP)
  • Memory : 1GB flash + 34MB RAM
  • Fingerprint identification speed : 3,000 match in 1 second (max 20,000 templates)
  • Fingerprint capacity : 400,000 templates (200,000 users)
  • Log capacity : 1,000,000 events